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18 July 2009 @ 04:49 pm
Okay, so I made a birthday banner for my BB Taemin. :D I know it sucks. Haha! Please bear with me. :D Sorry. :>
So here it is: 

I know this isn't enough. i wanted to do more than this but... my lack of photoshop-ing skills are hindering me from doing awesome banners.
Teach me how to make cooool banners and i'll definitely make new ones. :D Thanks for understanding. :))
Soo yea..

that's it?

BABY TAEMIN, please please please take care of yourself. :>
we'll always be here for you >:D<

-- i made another icon. :)) credits if taking. PLEASE. :D

30 May 2009 @ 04:30 pm
Konnichiwa! :D I'm back after 1065461231854163 years~ =))
Just wanted to share the 1st ever icon that i made using Photoshop CS3 \:D/

SHINee Icon:

and my 2nd one. :D

 Kevin woo:


loser post

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30 November 2008 @ 12:04 am
i'm such a loser. *sigh* i wasn't able to post an entry for tesshi's birthday. :( *gets shot* i hate myself. x(

oh well.. i'll just greet him BELATED TANJOUBI OMEDETOU ! :D hontoni gomen. :(

well anyways.. i've finished downloading scrap teacher from episodes 1-6 from selena244  :D hurray to me~ :)) i got some screencaps from scrap teacher and mnsb making to celebrate chii's birthday ! :D i was going to make a birthday banner but unfortunately, my photoshop isn't working.. and i wasn't able to install it earlier.. so i guess sharing these screencaps and some of my favorite chinen pics will do. :P</lj>

CHINEN from~


TODAY IS the cutest LITTLE GIANT's birthday !~

CHINEN YUURI tanjoubi omedetouuu ! :)

-- more screencaps to be uploaded tomorrow. gomen~ i have to go to sleep now. (: 

that's all~ :D i want to share some .gifs but i don't know how to make one.. can someone teach me how to make .gifs ? :))


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03 November 2008 @ 12:10 am
YOSH~. =)) i've updated my journal at last. :)) this is my first ever journal entry in LJ. :P
since today is Nishikido Ryo's birthday.. ima post some of my favorite pictures and mag scans of my ichiban's tomodachi. :)

Ceehjaye wants to greet Ryo-chan OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU ! ~   *listens to NEWS' song happy birthday*

Okane ja kaenai dakara koso
Kimochi de tsutaeru takaramono
Hazukashii garazu [omedetou] to
Kotoba de iu yo reiji choudo

Exactly because I can't buy them with money
Treasures that can be expressed by feelings
I'll say it in words, "Happy Birthday"
Without feeling embarrassed at exactly 12 midnight

Kimi no Happy Birthday ichinen ni ichido no mahou tokubetsu na hi

A magical, special day that happens only once a year

Ryo: Kimi no Happy Birthday kimi no mirai ni sachi are

All the best for your future


icons are from
stickietape. :)

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